Thursday, March 24, 2011 The average IRS employee earns $20.18 per hour or $41,974.40 per year. Congress can cut 2,000 jobs from the office of the IRS National Taxpayer Advocate because that function is not needed. As previously noted, that office, with its 2,000 employees do not issue Taxpayer Assistance Orders (TAOs) as required by section 7811. Although 7811 was enacted so that the Advocate can stop IRS levy and lien abuses, the Advocate does not issue TAOs are authorized by statute (less than 1/2 of 1% of incoming requests for assistance resulted an a TAO). For that reason, Congress can get rid of those 2,000 jobs. The average yearly salary of $41,974.40 x 2,000 would result in a cut of $83,948,800 annually plus the cost of maintaining over 60 offices located in all of the states. Using round numbers, the budget savings would be approximately $90 million each year. Over 10 years, that would reduce the IRS cost by $900 million. 888-712-7690

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