Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Tax Attorney: Alvin Brown & Associates is a law firm specializing in IRS issues and problems in 50 states. The law firm deals with any IRS issue or problem. Practice areas include civil and criminal audit investigations, offers in compromise, tax liens, tax levies, payroll tax issues, and collection issues.

[-] Tax Relief for IRS Tax Debt, Back Taxes, and Un-filed Tax Returns
[-] Tax Attorney Help for Civil and Criminal Fraud Audit Examinations
[-] Tax Lien Removal, Subordination, Withdrawal, and Discharge
[-] IRS Tax Levies, Wage and Bank Garnishments Removal
[-] Penalty and Interest Abatement, Innocent Spouse Relief
[-] Tax Attorney Representation - IRS Appeals and Litigation
[-] Payroll Tax Help and Trust Fund Recovery Penalty Relief
[-] Effective IRS Offer in Compromise Settlements
[-] Installment Agreements and Payment Plan Negotiations

- Tax Help
- Tax Preparation
- IRS Offer in Compromise
- Lien, Levy & Garnishment Appeals & Removal
- Civil & Criminal Examinations
- Tax Fraud Defense
- Installment Agreements
- Innocent Spouse Relief
- Penalty Abatement
- Tax Refunds
- Back Tax Help
- IRS Appeals & Protests
- Corporate Reorganizations
- Individual, Partnership & Corporate Tax Issues
- Employee/Subcontractor Determinations
- Classification Issues Payroll Tax
- Trust Fund Recovery Penalty Defense
- Transcript Analysis
- National Tax Lawyer “Of Counsel” Services
- Tax Court Petitions

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